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Product Categories

Bubble Machines

Bubble Machines (4)

Bubble machine accessories, Bubble fluid

CO2 Equipment

CO2 Equipment (13)

Blasters, Jets, LED Lights, Confetti blast, Cryo guns, T-shirt launchers, Acessories, Fittings, Hose, Truss clamps, DMX controllers, Gas


Confetti (104)

Mylar, rectangle ,circle, glow, alternative, streamers

Paper, rectangle, circle, glow, alternative, streamers

Confetti Cannons (Handheld)

Confetti Cannons (Handheld) (5)

Single use hand held confetti cannons

Confetti Machines

Confetti Machines (27)

UFO, Firing pods, Blowers, Confetti cannons, Stadium Cannons, Co2 blasters

Fire Effects

Fire Effects (5)

Fire / Flame effects

Fog and Haze

Fog and Haze (13)

Foam machine accessories, snow foam

Let's Glow

Let's Glow (5)

Glow Sticks
Glow Bubbles
Glow Confetti
Glow Glow Glow!!!!!

Power Drop

Power Drop (2)

For curtains and balloons

Snow / Foam Machines

Snow / Foam Machines (7)

Foam machine accessories, snow foam